Electronic Engineering Services

Electronic Architecture

Every great project starts with a great plan! Our project management strategies, allows us to keep your project on target.

Bill Of Material Management

Our component selection geniuses, allows us to develop cost effective products the first time. We understand Cost and Design go hand-in-hand.

Schematic Capture

Well Organised Electronic Designs means planning is carried the entire way through the products conceptual process.

Electronic Simulation

Simulation is key to a successful product launch. We make sure your produce includes stability the whole way through.

Final Product Design

Services Provided

  • Consumer Electronics Design
  • Industrial Electrical Layout
  • Wireless Devices (Wifi, Bluetooth, RF)
  • Mixed Signal Designs (Digital & Analog)
  • PWM Constant Current Design (LED Lighting)
  • PWM H-Bridge Motor Control
  • RF Simulation
  • BGA, LEADless, Through-Hole, SMT, SMD
  • Modbus RS485 Network
  • RS232, I2C, SPP, USB, IP Connections
  • Power Supply Design
  • Piezo Switch and Instrument Measurements
  • FPGA, CPLD, PIC & RISC MCU Designs
  • ISO 9001, UL, FM, & NEC Compliances
  • Electronic Patent Submission Documentation